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Mobile ad optimization used by the world’s largest publishers, agencies and carriers

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    1. Innovative ad Units
    2. Multiple ad network support
    3. Manage direct campaigns
    Support Developer Monetization.
    1. Bundled developer SDKs
    2. Multiple ad network support
    3. Audience tracking and analytics
    One Integration, Many Providers
    1. Simplify partner relationships
    2. Broad ad network support
    3. Third-party developer ecosystem
    Maximize Ad Value
    1. Schedule, serve and track campaigns
    2. Robust rich media support
    3. Hyper targeting and custom ad units
    Optimize Ad Network Revenue
    1. One integration for all providers
    2. Dynamic optimizations based on performance
    3. Side-by-side analytics and reporting
    One Integration, Many Providers
    1. Hyper-segment your users geo-location and more
    2. Track subscribers across platforms
    3. Manage policies at audience level
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